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Suggestion / Recommendation plugin is lightweight and powerful tool which allows to increase members interaction and content sharing. The plugin doesn’t allow to generate content but it provides valuable tools to rational using of existing content – it makes your members to participate in events, view albums, play videos, listen musics, read blogs by suggesting them things they are likely interested in; allows members to recommend interesting things to each other; allows to share content on facebook and twitter.

It has great features to help friends to find more friends by recommending them – it allows your friendship connections and members interaction to grow quickly.

Nice additions like Profile Photo Suggestion feature which allows members to suggests photos to friends, this and many other features socialize your network and help your site look more personal and active.

Suggestion / Recommendation plugin features:

  • User Interfaces. Simple but stylish user interfaces with Ajax technology benefits.
  • Suggestion popup. It appears when you create or interact with content, it allows your friends to suggest things which they are likely interested in. Smoothly integrated popup looks as a nice part of SocialEngine and of course it is fully customizable so you can choose where it should be appeared. It is deeply integrated with a lot of SocialEngine official plugins:

    Friends to Friends Suggestion – appears when you add a new friend or confirm friendship request and allows to suggest him to other friends;
    Album – appears on photo album creation;
    Blog – appears on blog posting;
    Classified – appears on submitting classified;
    Events – appears on event creation, joining event and accepting invitation to event;
    Groups – appears on group creation, joining group and accepting invitation to group;
    Music – appears on music playlist creation;
    Poll – appears on poll creation;
    Video – appears on uploading video;
    Pages – appears on page creation, it is available if you have Pages plugin(Hire-Experts) – allows to create companies directory and social pages for artists, models public figures, etc;
    Quiz – appears on quiz creation and after quiz taken, Quiz plugin(Hire-Experts);
    Articles – appears on article creation, Articles plugin(Radcodes)
    Questions & Answers – appears on posting questions, Questions & Answers plugin(WebHive);
    new Videos – appears on uploading videos, AVP plugin(myseplugins);
    new Advanced Blogs – appears on posting blogs, Advanced Blogs plugin(Younet);
    new Advanced Groups – appears on creating groups, Advanced Groups plugin(Younet);
    new Advanced Videos – appears on uploading videos, Advanced Video plugin(Younet);
    new Advanced Albums – appears on uploading photo album, Advanced Albums plugin(SocialEngineAddons);
    new Documents – appears on posting documents, Documents plugin(SocialEngineAddons);
    new Listing – appears on posting listings, Listing plugin(SocialEngineAddons);
    new Advanced Articles – appears on posting articles, Advanced Articles plugin(SpurIT);
    new Jobs – appears on posting jobs, Jobs plugin(Radcodes);
  • Sharebar widget. Sharebar allows to share content to facebook and twitter with backlinks to your site, or just within your network. It looks nice and doesn’t require any additional space – it is just shown on the left side of page; floating effect makes it be user friendly and allows to easily get sharing tools without scrolling browser. It is fully customizable so you can choose where(blog, event, group, pages, etc) it should be appeared. Features:

    ● `Twitter` – allows to share to twitter;
    ● `Facebook` – allows to like to facebook so it shows the liked content’s title, photo with back link to your site in facebook wall;
    ● `Google+` – allows to share liked content to Google+ with +1d;
    ● `LinkedIn` – allows to share interesting media content to business network;
    ● `Share` – allows to share to wall;
    ● `Suggestion` – allows to suggest to friends;
  • Recommendations. It intelligently recommends content to members depending on members’ social graph and popularity of content. We provide wide range widgets which can be put everywhere on site using Layout Editor:

    ● `Recommended Members` – displays recommended members to add them as friend;
    ● `Mixed Recommendations` – displays mixed recommendations which randomly displays photo albums, events, blogs, groups, pages, etc. It is fully customizable so you can choose which type of recommendations should be shown in admin panel;
    ● `Recommended Albums` – displays recommended albums;
    ● `Recommended Photos` – displays recommended album photos;
    ● `Recommended Blogs` – displays recommended blogs;
    ● `Recommended Classifieds` – displays recommended classifieds;
    ● `Recommended Events` – displays recommended events;
    ● `Recommended Groups` – displays recommended groups;
    ● `Recommended Music` – displays recommended musics;
    ● `Recommended Polls` – displays recommended polls;
    ● `Recommended Members` – displays recommended members;
    ● `Recommended Videos` – displays recommended videos;
    ● `Recommended Pages` – displays recommended pages, Pages plugin(Hire-Experts);
    ● `Recommended Quizzes` – displays recommended quizzes, Quiz plugin(Hire-Experts);
    ● `Recommended Articles` – displays recommended articles, Articles plugin(Radcodes);
    ● `Recommended Questions` – displays recommended questions, Questions & Answers plugin(WebHive);
  • Admin Recommendations. It provides tools for admin to recommend content(blog, event, group, page, etc) which are included in recommendations widgets at a high priority. So it allows to easily promote some events on your site, groups to join, etc. It is fully customizable so admin recommendations may be mixed with relevant recommendations.
  • Notifications and Requests. It is deeply integrated with SocialEngine Notifications and Requests systems, it allows to Accept, Reject or directly join event on event suggestion, join group, add to friends, etc on Requests page.
  • Help friends to find more friends. It allows to help friends to find more friends by recommending them to others.
  • Recommend Profile Photo. It allows to suggest profile photo to friends who don’t have photo.
  • Mobile compatibility. It is seamlessly integrated with Touch-Mobile plugin so your members are able to easily view and manage suggestions and recommendations in their mobile devices.
  • Many other features:
    new Now relevant store products are displayed in Mixed Recommendations widget and products can be shared using Sharebar widget, Store plugin(Hire-Experts);
    new Usability and style improvements;


Requirements: SocialEngine version >= 4.18;

Suggestion plugin for SocialEngine
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