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iPragmatech Solutions
C 96 , Sector – 2, Noida – 201301
+91-98-718-31311, +91-120-4284907
[email protected]


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Who we are ?

We are a small agile company delivering world class products and software development services for startups and small businesses. We specialize in developing online communities,e-commerce websites, custom websites, mobile apps and performance. Over the years, we have served over 300 customers through our products and services.

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Why Us ?

Software development as an industry has been marred by failures and disappointments – all due to companies that hire inexperienced programmers to keep costs low, create as big teams as possible to get more billing and finally churn out low-quality software. In fact, we regularly receive requests to improve software that was coded by such firms and has become a maintenance nightmare. At iPragmatech we work in an entirely different model.

  • Expert Programmers: An expert programmer is quicker than a whole team of average programmers. All of our people are the top handpicked talents and have a track record of consistently delivering. We simply don’t work with any incompetent people.
  • Small Teams: We work in small but highly efficient teams where management overhead is limited. Small teams have the advantage of spending less time communicating and more time programming.
  • Clear Focus: We have a clear focus on performance enhancement, social and mobile applications. Each of our team members is an expert in multiple technologies ranging from SocialEngine, PhpFox,Magento, WordPress, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
  • Pragmatic Solutions: We try to build efficient solutions with minimum cost. If it is possible to use an open-source or third-party solution that will fit your needs, we will let you know upfront about it. Even when we make custom applications, we utilize best-of-breed open source frameworks instead of building our own.

We do not just change the rules of the game – we enable you to make your own rules.

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Our Customers

Most of our customers are start-ups, and small to medium businesses. We love to work with customers that are building bleeding-edge applications. One of our customers is developing an iphone application for a very innovative address book . Another one is building a highly scalable web application on Google App Engine. We understand the constraints they face and provide them the level of expertise that even large firms cannot guarantee.
We are also helping several small businesses deploy custom applications using the power of open source. Today there is open source software available for Content Management, Project Management, Human Resource Management, Sales and Marketing Management, e-Commerce, Social Networking and several others. You do not need to spend a fortune building these applications from scratch. The way is to choose appropriate open source software and customize it to suit your own needs.
If however your needs are different and you really need a custom application, we will make an appropriate choice of technology and tools to build a right-sized and long-term solution for you. If you already have an application that is proving costly to maintain, we can evaluate and improve it as well.

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