Pin-Feed plugin for SocialEngine


Activity Feed is a very important page where users usually spend the most of their time. Pin-Feed plugin improves usability and user experience of feed browsing for SocialEngine. Pinterest-style feed allows your members to easily find the most interesting things and quickly & smoothly browse what’s happening on your site.

Using this plugin 20 elements can be fitted in window instead of usual 8 ones, and image focused style allows to attract more attention of your members.

Feed can be resized to fit current user’s window size OR according to the size of your theme depending on your settings. Pin-Feed supports Hire-Experts & 3d party plugins, and does all actions in real time without losing Wall plugin features: hashtags, sharing messages, photos, check-ins, etc.

Pin-Feed plugin is an extension of Wall plugin so why Wall plugin is required.

Pin-Feed plugin features:

  • It is smart. It automatically resize feed to fit current user’s window size, and provides the easiest way browse feed.
  • It is user friendly. Feed items are automatically loaded on roll down so no need to click on `Load more` link.
  • It is attractive. It has proven & popular Pinterest style feed with the main focus on photos & videos. Its clean & stylish design makes easy for your members to interact with feed.
  • Wall & Hashtags plugin. It is deeply integrated with Wall & Hashtags plugin to provide the best user experience with focus on design & usability.
  • Video viewer. Pin-Feed plugin bring a new Video viewer popup to make it easy to play videos directly from feed at full width of the videos.
  • Themes. Pin-Feed is compatible with all themes implemented in compliance with SE PHP official standard themes. Tested in all SE PHP official themes.
  • Admin Management. It provides the following configurations in admin panel:
    – replacing Member Home page OR Pin-Feed on a separate page;
    – responsive width OR according to your current theme;
    – Pin-Feed page is editable in Layout Editor so you can select which widgets can be displayed in the first column;

Demo: – login as a test user to see pin-feed.
Requirements: SocialEngine version >= 4.18; Wall

Pin-Feed plugin for SocialEngine
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