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This SocialEngine plugin provides powerful social tools to raise effectively funds for charities, projects and fundraisers. It is rich for features but very flexible so you can enable only donations in your social network, or even turn your site to a hub for charities, projects and their fundraisers.
All the more, together with our Pages plugin you can launch crowdfunding for various projects, like Kickstarter does.

You can get all benefits of social funding – any member can help raise funds for charities and projects using fundraising feature.

Social Donations plugin features:

  • Attractive. It has a clean design, large images and clear fonts to attract more attention of potential donors.
  • Simple and Comfortable. Making donation is easy and fast, members can easily get needed information and donate in just 2 clicks.
  • Donate. Donate buttons are located on listings and profile pages to make donating process as easy as possible. It redirects to a special page where the donor can view short information about recipient and select amount for donation.
  • PayPal Donation. It is integrated with PayPal Donate button which applies for discounted rates for transactions.
  • Anonymous Donations allow donors to donate anonymously so their name and photo will be hidden from public. Of course, the recipient can configure if the anonymous payments are allowed while creating the page.
  • Pre-defined Donation Amounts. The recipient can set pre-defined donation amounts list or allow donors to select own amount to donate.
  • Message. Donors can send a message together with their donation, where can be included wishes and praises.
  • Charities. It provides a special set of features for long term organizations and projects to promote and raise money in SocialEngine: listing, profile page, html description, contact information, photos, promotion widgets, fundraising, etc.
  • Projects are special type of causes which may have fixed target amount or expiration time. The Social Donations plugin provides the same features as for charities, and additional features like: target amount, expire time, target amount status loader.
  • Fundraisers. It provides a true social funding – any member can in two clicks create fundraising page for existing charity or project. Members can help to raise money by running marathon, remembering someone, celebrating an occasion, etc – joint efforts unite members and increase engagement in social networking.
    All donations are sending directly to the charity/project, so it is not needed to worry about financial part. Each donation from fundraisers are logged and displayed on the charity/project page in Top Fundraisers widget.
  • HTML Description. It allows to create an attractive description using WYSIWYG editor.
  • Photos are one of key tools to attract more attention, and the plugin allows to upload photo album and display them in a nice slide show.
  • Map. Allows to set the charity/project address and location on the map which is displayed for donors.
  • Contact Information makes easy to reach the recipient(curator) for donors.
  • Promote Donations – it is a special social widget which allows to put a widget with donation information on any website page or blog. It allows to attract more visitors to the donation from outside.
  • Likes. Causes can be liked and the members who liked this are displayed as supporters in listings and on the cause profile page.
  • Comments. Members are allowed to leave comments in the cause profile page.
  • Categories. The causes are categorized so members can browse charities, projects and fundraisers by categories.
  • Widgetized Pages. There are available the following widgetized pages which can be edited via Layout Editor in Admin Panel:
    ● Browse Charities page displays recent and most visited charities with filters and keyword search form.;
    ● Browse Projects page displays projects with category filtering and keyword search form.;
    ● Browse Fundraisers page displays fundraisers with filters and keyword search form.;
    ● Charity Profile page where is displayed a charity information, photos, comments, options, donors, fundraisers, etc;
    ● Project Profile page where is displayed a project information, photos, comments, options, donors, fundraisers, etc;
    ● Fundraiser Profile page where is displayed the fundraiser’s message, aims and the charity/project information for which the funds are raising;
  • Pages plugin integration provides all benefits of social pages which have a huge amount of tools to promote, interact and analyze. So if you have Pages plugin then there will be available Donations application for page owners to create charities, projects for the causes. These causes will be listed on the page profile. For example, it can be used like UNESCO page where will be listed all its projects and charities, OR like Improve Everywhere page where will be listed all its projects and the page fans can actively participate, discuss and help to raise money.
  • Widgets. Social Donation plugin provides various widgets:
    ● `Donation Profile Supporters` widget displays members liked the cause;
    ● `Donations` widget displays received donation for the cause;
    ● `Donors` widget displays donors for the cause;
    ● `Top Donors` widget displays donors based on all donations;
    ● `Top Fundraisers` widget displays top fundraisers for the cause;
  • Administration. There are available various management tools for you in SocialEngine Admin panel:
    ● Manage Donations section where you can browse causes by title, owner, target amount, category and type(charity/project/fundraiser), check raised amount and delete an appropriate causes;
    ● Categories section where you can view default categories, add new ones, edit and delete them;
    ● Statistics to observe donations by their type and their change over different time periods;
    ● Settings where you can enable or totally disable cause types – charity, projects and fundraisers. For example, if you disable Fundraising then there won’t be available link and option to raise money for existing projects and charities by members;
    ● Member Level Settings section where you can restrict creation of charities, projects or fundraising per member level;

Requirements: SocialEngine version >= 4.18;

Social Donations plugin for SocialEngine
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